Gardening? What!?

IMG_0010Okay, so let me first start off by saying that gardening can be for any and everyone. Most people who has never planted something in their entire life would probably think, ” I’ll kill them all” but hear me out; it may look hard or difficult, but it literally is one of the most fulfilling hobbies ever. When I first started gardening I literally killed everything in my path, EVERYTHING; Succulents included. But I never gave up because I was literally obsessed with everything green and leafy. Eventually I started getting a little better and my green babies were no longer dying (Thank you sweet baby Jesus). Now, I’m a not pro by any means, but I’ve managed to learn a few tips to help me along the way. So, without further ado, here’s some of the tips that has helped me with my garden.

I should have formally introduced myself in the beginning, but here goes. My name is Ren- short for Renee, I’m a twenty something year old, ex party hopper, originally from beautiful Belize. I recently moved and needed something to do to occupy my time. And so began my love for gardening.

Now, let us begin. If you are an aspiring gardener first things first, I would HIGHLY, undoubtedly recommend organic gardening. It is a lot of hard work but it is so amazing to know you grew something that didn’t need help from any harmful and toxic chemicals. So you would first need seeds, organic, heirloom seeds. Why? Well, if you’re going to have a organic garden, you’ll need organic seeds. My top choice for seed shopping is they literally have everything you’ll need if you’re a first time gardener ( i’ll have a link down below). Secondly, You’ll probably want to keep a gardening journal to keep track of your everyday gardening. You can easily make your own, if not, you can find them at a tractor supply or Lowe’s. Third, research what plants grows best in your area.( I’ll link a map down below). When I first started gardening, my husband tilled a section in our backyard for our garden. Now, I thought, “oh this is awesome, I’ll stick some seeds in and let Mother Nature handle the rest.” Boy was I totally unprepared for what came with organic gardening. Weeds, bugs, Georgia heat. So my dear ones, I suggest you plan ahead of time. Plot your garden area, I would suggest new gardeners to start off with raise garden beds. Nothing fancy. It’s easier to control weeds in my opinion. Also, companion planting (I’ll also have a link down below). As for pesky plant killers (not me) BUGS! Some insects are good for your garden. Others, not so much. Either way, there are organic alternatives to deal with the bad insects in your garden. Neem’s Oil is one of favorites, other plants help repel some bugs (Companion planting) and over time, you’ll find what works best. I just squish them. And so my fellow gardening friends, I’ll leave you with this, Best of luck with gardening. Do not give up on gardening! Trust me, friends- It’s free oxygen! Literally! Happy Gardening Y’all. –

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